Best Toys to Keep Your Cat Healthy & Active

Here are some fun creative ways to keep your cat in shape by bouncing and prancing about! 

Feathers Cats Wire Rods Flying Toy Random Color

This fun rod can even motivate your cat to stand on his two paws scratching at the colorful and feathers. They'll be absolutely bewildered by this annoying piece of feather coming from lord knows where! 

Feathers Cats Wire Rods Flying Toy Random Color

Toys False Mouse in Rat Cage Ball For Pet Cat Play

Perk your kitty senses with these fun toy mice that can easily escape from your cat's paws! Their instincts to catch their prey will be immediately triggered - by the time you know it they'll have run across the room ten rounds now trying to catch these pesky rolling mice! 

Cat Pet Rope Woven Ball Random Colors

Give your fun kittens something they can dig their claws into with this fun rope textured ball! Easy to play with a long lasting material, you can be sure this toy won't be easily worn and your little one will love it! 


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Hey! You Can't Blame Em' for Trying!

We've all seen our cats quietly devise stunts - Some more successful than others... Watch this adventurous bunch brush off hilarious failed attempts! 

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Favorite 3 Cat-Themed Decor

Every home that welcomes our furry friends could use a little cat-friendly sprucing.

Let's start by adding some fun to those vacant walls with these crazy jumping cat wall stickers! These cats are off the wall! arrange them in whichever chaotic manner you see fit and you'll love how your once boring bedroom can turn into an exciting space! 

For finer details in the room a pleasant surprise can take shape with this adorable Cartoon Hello Black Light Switch Sticker. Being greeted with a wide smile when you reach to hit the light switch gives us the warm and fuzzies walking into our room! 

Finally, dress your pillow throws with these Cute Cat Pillow Cases for final touches. These adorable cushion covers will win you over with its adorable and many cat expressions. You'll find yourself mimicking each for fun! 

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Time to Play Dress-Up Kittens!

As if our cats aren't already irresistibly cute! Check out these 5 Adorable Cat Accessories/ Get-ups you and you're cat will love! Treat them by making them feel like the belle of the ball! 

Check out this flashy and masquerade like Blue Pet Peacock Costume

Or this fancy Velvet Collar Bow-Tie! For sure your cat will feel like the Cat's Meow in this snazzy collar. 

On a quirky occasion, brighten your cat's day with this fun Polka Dot Collar - Just to mix thing up! 

And if you're feeling really adventurous, dress him in a Fuzzy Sulley Monster Fleece Cat Costume! This fun feline will be tickled by everyone's reactions.

Finally, if you really want to raise the bar with the level of cuteness, dress your cat in this Bumble Bee Cat Costume. Need we say more? 


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5 Reasons Why Cats Rule and Dogs Drool!

  1. Cats make about 100 different sounds. Dogs make 10. 

    animal, pet, kitten

  2. A cat shares identical regions of the brain as humans. This region is responsible for emotions. A biological makeup that dogs do not have.
    Black and White Cat
  3. A cat can has the ability to hear higher-frequency sounds than dogs.  

    Black and White Kitten on Brown Textile

  4. In contrast to dogs, cats have not undergone major changes during their domestication process. They require little training and are highly adaptable. 

    Yellow Cat on Table

  5. Cats require less maintenance. 

    White Orange and Gray Tabby Cat Lying on Gray Textile
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The Many Expressions of a Cat

Not much different from ourselves, these felines can be quite if not equally expressive! Here are a few of our favorite cat signals we as cat owners have familiarized ourselves with. 

The "NOT NOW!!" Cat: 

This stand-up posture is one sure indicator that your cat is pissed. It's best to take this as a sign that there will be no snuggles to look forward to today. 

The "Wasn't Me" Cat: 

One look at this startled cat and you'll know immediately to check your surroundings. This cat has definitely been up to no good. She may or may not have mistaken your bed for the litter box...

And finally,

The "I'm Adorable, Forget You Saw Anything" Cat:

One look at this pleading cat and you'll wonder how you could ever be so cross with such a sweet furry thing! Oh the things our furry friends could get away with! 

In sum, always be sure to learn the ins and outs of your cat's lingo to keep this pet-owner partnership at its best! 

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