Top 5 Back-to-School Cat Gear

It's that time of the year again...

Send your kid off well equipped with fun cat-themed school gear. With quirky and adorable stationary, accessories and clothing to match, guaranteed this time around you won't be dragging their butts to the yellow school bus! 

Check out our Top 5 Picks for Back-to-School Cat themed items! Your little ones will be thrilled to share their brand new goodies with friends and teachers. 

1. Little Cat Gel Ink Pen Stationery - Watch your kids race for their pencil cases for any good excuse to scribble into their agendas and notepads. Silky, vibrant, not to mention cute - these Cat Gel Ink Pens is guaranteed to win any kid over! 

2. Mini Cat Animal Face Purse Coin Wallet - On the occasion where your kid won't be carrying a brown paper lunch bag, have them carry their lunch money in this adorable coin pouch! Your kid will learn the value in spending wisely and in style! 

3. Black Cat Print Dress - Late because your little one won't choose already? Here's an easy pick that's sure to be a hit with all her classmates! 

4. Cat Cartoon Headphones -  For those dreaded bus rides, give your kid something to rid their boredom with these cute ear buds. Plug them into their colorful iPods or MP3 and watch their little heads bob to their music on their way to school! 

5. Beaded Cat Ear Headband - On that special occasion, when your kid needs a small pick-me-up, hand them this quirky Beaded Cat Ear Headband! It's no secret little ones like to have their fun with costumes - they'll absolutely adore sporting these pointed ears while they run freely during recess.