The Many Expressions of a Cat


Not much different from ourselves, these felines can be quite if not equally expressive! Here are a few of our favorite cat signals we as cat owners have familiarized ourselves with. 

The "NOT NOW!!" Cat: 

This stand-up posture is one sure indicator that your cat is pissed. It's best to take this as a sign that there will be no snuggles to look forward to today. 

The "Wasn't Me" Cat: 

One look at this startled cat and you'll know immediately to check your surroundings. This cat has definitely been up to no good. She may or may not have mistaken your bed for the litter box...

And finally,

The "I'm Adorable, Forget You Saw Anything" Cat:

One look at this pleading cat and you'll wonder how you could ever be so cross with such a sweet furry thing! Oh the things our furry friends could get away with! 

In sum, always be sure to learn the ins and outs of your cat's lingo to keep this pet-owner partnership at its best! 

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