About Us

Meow Shop's online store and fast delivery service offers brands and quality pet products at affordable prices, easily accessible to you! After all, our customers love their furry friends and could probably do without the frequent visits to the pet store! 

Take 25-year-old Mia - a young downtown professional who simply adores her cat but hasn't got the time or expenses to spoil her beloved kitty silly! For pet essentials and fun knick knacks, Meow Shop's Online Collections has become her saving grace for getting on one sassy cat's good side.

Meow Shop guarantees to bring your pet friendly household much joy and harmony with our wide range of fun, innovative and quirky cat-related products. Finally a convenient, not to mention trendy cat shop, that speaks to you and your cat! 

For further inquiries, contact  our customer service department - We're more than happy to help! 

Join our Cause to Protect Stray Cats!

As proud supporters of The Meow Foundation, 10% of all profits are donated to help rescue and protect cats in need. They rescue stray and abandoned cats and help them find wonderful new permanent homes.  You can visit our personal giving page here to learn more about our donations and what other steps you can take to join the cause.